Big Mountain Dreams Foundation

How we treat people is how we treat the planet.



Environmental non-profits often fail to address the intersectionality between social and environmental responsibility. The Big Mountain Dreams Foundation is dedicated to protecting big mountain environments, while also advocating for the people who live and play there. We focus on women in the outdoors and aim to elevate their voices as environmental defenders.


  1. Create resiliency in the environmental movement by elevating women’s voices in the fight against climate change.

  2. Provide opportunities to elevate the voices of underrepresented groups to show that the Mountains Are For Everyone.

  3. Show people how they can be allies instead of bystanders with toolkits and training opportunities.



Climb Everest/Chomolungma/Sagamatha as a “climb for equality” to show men’s role as allies to women’s leadership.


Conduct trainings to show people how we can support women’s leadership in getting to the top.


Educate and inspire through photos, videos and social media.


Talk to students and corporations about bystander intervention, social and environmental responsibility.



The Big Mountain Dreams Foundation was created to fill a niche in the intersection of adventure and activism. Many in the conservation movement fail to address the need for inclusivity and the connection between social and environmental responsibility. People are nature. We share an intimate connection to our planet. We are not above it. With a female co-founder, the Foundation wants to elevate the voices that haven’t traditionally been heard in the environmental movement through social media campaigns, panels, and speaking opportunities.

It’s time for the environmental movement to embrace inclusivity.
— Caroline Gleich, co-founder